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The range is so wide that it is difficult to specify in a text the infinite possibilities that exist. Here are some examples

  • Applications for the internal and complete management of the entity (billing, stock, customers, users, partners, accounting, signing, personnel management …),
  • Various work tools for entities (intranets, document management, networking, shared tools accessible by multiple users, differentiated accesses …)
  • Services to users (incident management, access to content differentiated by permits, space management …)
  • Digital communication tools (mailings, digital bulletins, personalized communications to clients or users …)
  • Quality Control Tools of the company.
  • Web tools (personalized virtual stores, complex websites with many elements and accesses, repositories and search engines, online sales management …)
    Other types of services (any type of application that you can think of like property management, homeowners, tourism, maps, training, schools, shops … and many others that are about to be created)

What is actually a web application?

A web application is an application or computer tool accessible from any browser, either through the internet (usual) or through a local network. Through the browser you can access all the functionality and have any of the solutions listed in the previous point.

It has great advantages:

  • The first big advantage is that you do not need any installation, since it is accessed through a browser.
  • In addition, a web application is cross-platform and multi-device. This means that we can forget what software each device has to access, and that a computer, a tablet, a smartphone can also access …
  • And another great advantage is that the power is not in the device that accesses, so although we do not have a supercomputer the application can be very powerful, since the weight is not supported by the equipment from which it is accessed but the server where it is housed
  • The application can be in the cloud, which would be accessible to any computer with internet access (although it could also be a local application on an intranet)
    And finally, it is very adaptable, visually intuitive and very easy to update if necessary.
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