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The first thing we should know before entering the wonderful world of mobile applications, is that an application is still a software. It is commonly thought that a mobile application and software are two different things; but … What a surprise! They are not.

There are three main types of mobile applications, each of which is characterized by its different properties, limitations or programming process.

We find, for example, the Native Applications, those that have been developed with the software offered by each operating system. In this way, iOS, Android and Windows Phone have different software, commonly called SDK or Software Development Kits.

Native applications are specially designed and developed in each of these SDKs, whether from iOS, for iPhone use; Android, for mobile use with Android technology; or Windows Phone, for mobile use with Windows technology.

On the other hand, it is very likely that you have heard the term “Web Applications”, a perhaps confusing concept that we will clarify today. Web applications, commonly called “web apps” are built primarily in HTML, Javascript and CSS languages. Unlike the native ones, these types of applications do not use an SDK or Software Development Kit. This means that, as a web apps developer, you can program on the platform you want, regardless of the operating system in which your application will be used. This also avoids the tedious process of developing a different code for each of the platforms or operating systems.

Finally we find the famous Hybrid Applications, which are characterized by being a combination or, as the name implies, a “hybrid” between the two applications we have seen previously. In matters of design, development and programming, a hybrid application will be made from HTML, Javascript and CSS, such as web apps; The difference is that once the application is finalized in terms of its design and programming, it will be compiled in such a way that the final result will be very similar to a native application. Its main advantage is the cost and development time that is lower than that of a native app, but as a disadvantage we have a performance that is not so good (it is not bad, it is only a little less efficient).

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