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So where you going to tomorrow?


Beyond an outsourcing, what we want is to be your reliable partner, who brings you solutions to your challenges, always keeping on your side. With our experience in web apps and mobile development, we are here to deal with your projects, so you can keep focused on make grow up your own business. We can provide advisory from the beginning of the development, regarding with planning and analysis of the projects, and we will be with you during the start-up of your company.


Why us?

With more than 25 years of experience in development area, and in fact, we have been dedicated to work with digital marketing for the last 14 years, specializing in web mobile development, for the most important enterprises in Venezuela, and also carrying out projects with important and recognized international brands, I decided to found Plush in order to provide technological  solutions to digital agencies, development or entrepreneurship enterprises.

We are aware of your business requires outsource services, in cases such as when you do not have a development unit, or maybe you do not have available the right person to execute a project. Furthermore, it can be really hard to find someone to outsource… Well, with Plush you will get an ally, and leave behind all your concerns regarding with outsourcing and start to provide all your attention to what is really important for your business.

Ramón Téllez


After working more than 25 years as a developer, dedicated the last 14 years to specialize in web and mobile development, having worked for the most important companies in Venezuela, and carrying out projects with internationally recognized brands, I decided to undertake with my personal projects .

I founded Plush with the idea of ​​providing technological solutions to enterprises or development companies. In order to offer more than an outsourcing, to be a reliable partner that provides solutions to business challenges, always staying with our customers.

CEO & Co-founder in Zaperoco Media, a digital agency focused on creativity and purpose, always seeking the balance between both to offer the best results to our clients.

At the same time I am co-founder of Influeats, an application that allows you to connect influencers with restaurants, quickly and easily. An entrepreneur with great ideas with whom I had the pleasure of working previously, asked me to make a budget for this application, seeing that he had some difficulties to execute the project, and being such a great idea, I proposed to participate as a partner.

Influeats raised a new way of looking at the projects, made me wonder, how many great ideas stop going to the market? And above all, what can I do to support them with my experience?

  • 25+ years of experience
  • 40+ developments in the last 8 years
  • 8+ years leading development teams